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Rammer Excellence Line of Rock Breakers hit smarter

Rammer Excellence line of rockbreakers hit smarter

  -  With integrated smart technology for easier fleet management and new customer-focused features the renewed Excellence Line of rockbreakers help our customers to achieve more efficient processes.

Customers can now adjust Idle Blow Protection easily (IBP) on site to match the application and protect the tool from premature failures and tie rod stress.

Separate greasing channels enable optimum greasing that increases the lifetime of the tool and the tool bushings.

Lower tool bushings can now be rotated and replaced on site reducing both operating and maintenance costs.

With the cloud-based RD3 remote monitoring system customers can pinpoint the exact location of their rockbreakers, monitor correct usage and manage service periods for proactive and preventative maintenance that will help reduce downtime.

Rammer Excellence Line with integrated smart technology

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