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Does your quick hitch go beyond Australian Standard

Does your quick hitch go beyond Australian Standard to ensure safety of your staff?

  -   Recent CCF WA news bulletin highlighted the potential danger of excavator quick hitches that do not comply with Australian Standard AS 4772-2008 and stated that a series of fatalities and serious injuries could have been avoided if a compliant quick hitch had been used and site safety procedures followed correctly. 

PRIMARY RETENTION AND SAFETY SYSTEM REQUIRED The Australian Standard outlines that quick hitches must comprise of a Primary Retention System used to connect and disconnect attachments and a Safety System to ensure that the attachment does not unintentionally disconnect from the quick hitch in the event of failure of the primary retention system. 

SWINGING IS A SERIOUS SAFETY RISK Many fully automatic hitches technically meet the requirements of the standard by preventing attachments falling off in the event of failure of the primary retention system, yet they do not prevent swinging that can be a serious safety risk when the machine is operated near people. If you currently have a detach only hitch you can significantly improve safety by replacing it with an automatic hitch that does not allow for uncontrolled movement in the event of a failure of the primary retention system.

TEFRA - THE SAFEST QUICK HITCH ON THE MARKET has a combination of unique safety features making it the safest quick hitch on the market.

DUAL LOCKING - TEFRA locks both the front and rear attachment pins in the event of a hydraulic failure.

SIMPLICITY - TEFRA has only three moving parts, the fewest of any double locking quick hitches.

SMART VALVE - Hill Smart Valve ensures the attachment is in a safe position before the release sequence is permitted

SINGLE CYLINDER DESIGN - Totally enclosed piston rod, no external pipes, eliminating the risk of damage.

FAILURE INDICATOR - A failure condition allows limited movement of the attachment upon the quick hitch indicating a problem.

With universal pickup TEFRA can pick up attachments from different machine manufacturers within weight range of 3 - 120 tonnes. TEFRA complies with AS4772-2008, EN747 Standards and the forthcoming ISO 13031 Global Standards meaning, you would not have to replace any of your existing TEFRA fleet when ISO 13031 Standards will be enforced.

TEFRA has Permitted Release Zone and No Release Zone

Double the processing capacity
Remote monitoring leads to cost reductions

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