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Cash from Trash

ALLU transforms waste into usable material

-   ALLU Transformers are purpose-built hydraulic attachments for efficient material processing by reducing the number of process steps needed and transforming waste into usable material. 

ALLU provided an effective solution to a construction site in Adelaide CBD where removal of a large soil deposit full of rocks, building materials, roots and other debris had been requested. 

Rather than disposing the waste soil to landfill that would have been a significant cost, ALLU Transformer screened and processed the soil and reduced the amount of unusable waste to a third of its original volume. And best of it all, ALLU loaded the waste material directly to a disposal truck during screening and processing that made the job progress fast without extra steps.

Read the article published in The Australian Earthmoving Magazine, May 2020.
ALLU DS3 screening and crushing wall plaster

Breaking New ground
Increasing stockpiles of construction waste can be...

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