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Right Tool - Right Job

Genuine Rammer parts and tools have superior durability due to correct raw materials and specialized in-house heat treatment. The dimensions are always correct and there is right tool for every application as the tools are designed together with the rockbreakers.

Sandvik/Rammer's investments in a research program, innovative tool designs and world wide test programs have resulted in tools with improved wear characteristics and greater durability and therefore offering longer service life and better value for our customers. Several of the new tools have been designed with job specific requirements in mind. 

Standard Chisel Tool

The Standard Chisel Tool is design to suply the breaking means to tackle hard rock and re-enforced concrete.

  • For nonabrasive but tough rock or concrete
  • For material which has low or medium penetration rate
 standard chisel  
Hard Rock Chisel Tool

When the task at hand is harder than most tools are designed to handle, the Hard Rock Chisel is the #1 choice to make short work of abrasive rocks.

  • Hard and abrasive rock with fractures
  • For application where drilling and blasting cannot be used
  • Materials with low penetration rate
hard rock


Limestone and Concrete Chisel Tool
Limestone Chisel Tool is used in application with high penetration rate. Wedge of tool is large which decrease penetration and so increase control of tool and avoid tool pin strokes.
  • Very soft and easily breaking, non-abrasive rock or concrete
  • For rock which has high penetration rate


Blunt Tool

The Standard Blunt tool is designed to deliver the full force of a hammers impact energy directly into the hard materials that it has been designed to tackle.

  • Hard rock with low or medium abrasive rock
  • Boulder breaking or concrete demolition
  • Application where tool wear rate is low


Moil Point Tool 

Moil Point tools allow for optimum positioning in material which are loose or can be easily separated, eg brick walls or loose rock in tunnels.

  • Where chisels have excessive retaining pin groove wear
  • Soft and nonabrasive rock
  • General demolition of concrete
 moil point  


Super Blunt Tool

is designed to deliver the maximum force of a hammers impact energy directly into the boulders that it has been designed to break. The Super Blunt is only designed to be used in boulders breaking applications, where it provides 1.5 to 3 times more wear life than a standard blunt tool.

  • Hard and abrasive rock
  • Only for boulder breaking
  • 1.5-3 times more wear life than standard blunt in very abrasive applications
 super blunt


Pyramid Point Tool

The Pyramid Tool makes light work out of breaking nonabrasive materials of all strengths. Nonabrasive materials which allow a high penetration rate, especially concrete, are short work for the Pyramid tool.

  • Soft, nonabrasive and tough rock and especially concrete
  • Materials requiring high penetration rate
  • Where chisels have excessive retaining
    pin groove wear




 Compact Range / Trapezoidal Tool

Tool diameter's vary from 104mm (4.1in) to 150mm (5.9in), giving these tools a high production rate and long service life, making the Compact Range's tools unbreakable. The Compact range's Trapezoidal tool are backed by a lifetime warranty against breakages

  • Breaking concrete
  • Hard or frozen ground
  • Road surface or asphalt


 compact range
Compacting Tool

The Ground compacting tool allows compatible hammers to double in function as a ground compactor, removing the need to have a specialized compacting attachments or machines at smaller job sites.

  • Ground compacting
Asphalt Cutting Tool

The Asphalt Cutting Tools are ideal for cutting through materials such as asphalt and frozen or compact ground. The Asphalt Cutting Tool allows the material to be broken in such a precise manner that it is ideal for road or pavement repair work.

  • Frozen or compact ground
  • Asphalt
asphalt cutting 
Customised Special Tools

We can produce special tools according to your specific needs. In special cases the tool shape and diameter can variate and the lenght up to 3 meters. 

See how RTIO Cape Lambert uses their Air Hammer with a custom manufactured 3 metres long tool. 

Contact us and let us know your special tool requirements!




Ensure your warranty remains valid

We supply all genuine Rammer parts, tools and consumables for all your needs. As an authorised dealer for Rammer in WA, we are the only company who can service your Rammer equipment ensuring current warranties remain valid and fully supported by the factory.

Our Rammer trained technicians use Rammer Genuine parts only and we also offer product training on our products as well as operator training to ensure that you are achieving the maximum return on your capital investment.

Full workshop rebuilds and servicing to all brands and attachment sizes available for your convenience. Check out our service brochure for more details. 

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