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Right Tool is a key to productivity

Choosing the right tool for the job will have a major impact upon the power and productivity of your rockbreaker. First, it is vital to determine if the job is an “impact” or “penetrative” breaking application. Rammer has several tool models designed with “job specific” work requirements, providing excellent value, long life and maximum performance.

Impact Applications

In “impact” applications, it is important to identify the level of abrasive characteristics in the material. Rammer Super Blunt tools provide excellent wear characteristic and long life in applications involving highly abrasive oversize materials, for example high silica content boulders.

Penetrative Applications

Primary breaking of hard rock will require Hard rock chisel tool. This tool is geometrically designed for the highest production possible and a long service life.

Penetrative applications such as breaking of limestone and non-reinforced concrete require Limestone chisel tool which is designed specifically for faster penetration while reducing the idle blow effects found in soft material applications.

Higher Production and Lower Operating Costs

Correctly matching the right tool to the job application is critical to achieving the highest level of production with lowest possible operating costs. 

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