Avoid increasing tip fees - crush and recycle the construction and demolition waste onsite

Simex Crusher Buckets turn waste into usable material even in confined space

Simex CB range of crusher buckets provide productivity in confined space as they can be mounted on skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, compact track loaders and larger models on wheel loaders, and telescopic handlers.

These crusher buckets are extremely efficient for crushing materials such as bricks, tiles, glass, reinforced concrete, natural aggregates (e.g., limestone and sandstone) and asphalt slabs. Due to the rotor design, Simex CB crusher buckets guarantee excellent productivity even when material is wet and mixed with clay, pieces of wood or deformable materials.

Wide mouth, shaped as standard bucket for easy loading.

Perfect for sites where space is limited.





  • Rotor system with teeth driven by hydraulic piston motors in direct drive  -->  Exceptional cutting force enables crushing of any material Not affected by the presence of earth, wet or humid material, or iron rods
  • Valve permitting continuous rotor rotation and an automatic system that inverts drum rotation in case of blocking  -->  Minimised down time with immediate resumption of work without any operator intervention
  • Lightweight structure  -->  Won't transmit vibrations to the prime mover or operator and low noise output
  • Simple, quick teeth replacement  -->  Minimised down time and ability to produce the crushed material in different-sized pieces
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SAFETY ASPECT: The mounting bracket for attachment to prime mover is height-adjustable to ensure that when the skid steer loader is in a resting position with arms lowered, the bucket is close to the ground. This is essential for ensuring the opening of the cabin and a safe coupling and decoupling.


SPECIFICATIONS CB 900 CB 1200 CB 1500 CB 2000 CB 2500
Width (mm) 1400 1500 1700 1900 2100
Rotor width (mm) 700 840 965 1100  850 
Bucket Capacity (SAE) m³ 0.30  0.45  0.55  0.75  0.80
Number of teeth 7 8
Operating weight fully loaded * (kg) 900  1200  1500  2000  2500 
Operating weight empty (kg) 570  760  950  1150  1620 
Required oil flow (l/min) 40-80  70-150  70-150  70-150  120-300 
Required oil pressure (bar) 300-150  350-200  350-200  350-200  350-200 

 * Considering crushable material with maximum density of 1.1 ton/m³. The maximum operating load permitted for the excavator, when added to the weight of the standard bucket, must match or exceed the weight of the crusher bucket at full load. User is responsible for ensuring that the equipment meets the excavator’s specifications and weight requirements.



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 Simex CB production  Simple and quick teeth replacement  The Simex CBE range of crusher buckets have been designed for excavators