For wide range of applications

The Pneuvibe Compactor plates provide a safe and effective method to compact soil. Whether you’re working in a narrow trench or have a large backfill operation or compacting around tanks, the Pneuvibe Compactor range has a solution. The Pneuvibe Compactor plates can also be modified to drive posts - sheet piling and with a frame be used to compact either side of large pipes.

Manufactured in Australia, Pneuvibe has been producing excavator mounted plate compactors for over 20 years. Their patented rubber design ensures rubber mounts are in compression whist in operation. This system ensures increased rubber mounts life and minimises vibration transmitted to the boom, thus reducing wear on the excavator’s pins and bushings.

All Pneuvibe compactor plates include as standard a priority flow valve which protects the hydraulic motor from excess oil flow from the excavator. This feature allows the compactor to be swapped between excavators without having to worry about checking the oil flow to the compactor, perfect for a hire companies with many excavators.


Efficient and safe compaction

  • PneuVibe compactor plates reaches out to compact backfill in unshored trenches without dangering workers
  • PneuVibe compactor plates saves you time as it completes the compaction job faster and cleaner than workers using hand-held machines


Simple to connect and operate

PneuVibe compactor plate can be simply connected to your machine’s existing hydraulics whether your machine is a small backhoe or a large crawler excavator. If you have existing hydraulic hammer piping on your machine connecting the compactor plate is even easier.

Operating is simple as the vibration produced by the rotating eccentric combined with the down pressure of the carrier generates impulse force to be placed wherever your boom will reach.


Clamping devices

With optional clamping devices you can effectively combine sheet and perform pile driving in certain soil conditions.


Post Clamps offer a simple but effective one person operation to pick up, place and drive posts from 50mm to 300mm diameter. They feature a self locking mechanism in the event of pressure loss.


Vice Clamp is a bolt on, hydraulic device for sheet and pile driving. It has an inbuilt hydraulic
accumulator and a pilot operated check valve, ensuring clamping pressure in the event of hose or pressure failure. A safety chain is also included. 


Engineered for optimum performance and durability

 1.  PneuVibes patented system ensures increased elastomer life and minimises vibration transmitted to the boom, thus reducing wear on the pins and bushes of the excavator. Rubber vibration mounts are angled to the base so that the pressure exerted by the boom on the top plate causes the mounts to convert from a shear to a compression mode.

2. Protective cradle prevents the hydraulic motor and hoses being snagged or damaged on trench walls and hoses are covered with an anti abrasion wrap for maximum flexibility and durability.

3.  Direct attachment to existing hydraulic hammer mounting heads saves time and is ideal for use with quick hitch arrangements. A multi-setting, 360º swivel head attachment is also available.

4.  Built-in priority valve system monitors the oil flow, providing the correct volume to obtain maximum performance by the compaction plate and avoiding damage to the hydraulic motor due to excessive flow.

PneuVibe 427x423postad5 cropped 2PneuVibe in detail 



 MODEL CP15 CP30 CP51 CP100 CP201/250 CP201F CP301
weight (kg) 105 195 325 490 710 710 890
base plate size** (WxLmm) 285x510 310x670 450x875 590x920 680x1000 680x1000 800x1000
height 350 440 570 610 790 790 810
centrifugal force (kg) 885 1,575 2,900 3,950 8,100 8,250 10,900
frequency 2,500 2,500 2,300 2,300 2,300 3,000 2,100
carrier capacity (t) 1.5 - 4 1.5 - 4 3 - 7.5 3.5 - 15 12 - 22 12 - 22 18 - 40
min oil flow (l/min) 55/35/20* 55/35/20* 50 70 150/95* 135 150
compaction lift (cm) 15 - 20 20 - 50 40 - 100 60 - 120 90 - 150 90 - 150 120 - 180
compaction area (m2) 0.15 0.2 0.39 0.54 0.68 0.68 0.8

  * motor options available as indicated
** width specials by request


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