multigrappleDaehan is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic grapples with a large range of specially designed grapples for applications in landscaping, recycling, forestry, rail laying as well as in construction industry. All grapples come with flexible size choices to suit your job requirements. 

Daehan grapples are manufactured from wear and tear resistant special solid steel, PT 60 from POSCO ensuring durability and reliability even in the toughest conditions.

Operator has a full control on rotating speed of the grapples with unlimited clockwise and anti-clockwise 360° rotation and enclosed cylinder check valve is part of every grapple to prevent the drop of material whether it is wood, demolition debris, waste paper, scrap or garbage.

Specially designed swing bearing ensures durability, big cylinder delivers more power and with an oil flow control valve and motor protection mechanism any hydraulic issues will be minimised. 

See the product range below and click the photo for more details or call us on 1300 921 498. 


Daehan Grapple range

  multigrapple DHRS   RotatingBucketGrapple DHRB FixedBucketGrapple DHST 
Rotating Multi Grapple - Daehan DHRS  Rotating Bucket Grapple - Daehan DHRB  Fixed Bucket Grapple - Daehan DHST
  WoodGrappleTooth DHRW   WoodGrapplelinkage DHRWA   WoodGrapplependulum DHPWB
Wood Grapple Tooth type - Daehan DHRW  Wood Grapple, Linkage A - Daehan DHRWA  Wood Grapple, Pendulum B - Daehan DHPWB
LogGrapple DHLG LogGrapplePendulum DHPLG RaillayingGrapple DHRL
Log Grapple Linkage - Daehan DHLG Log Grapple Pendulum - Daehan DHPLG Rail laying Grapple - Daehan DHRL


  Daehan trans