Rammer’s latest generation in hydraulic hammers, Rammer 1533, Rammer 2155, Rammer 2577, Rammer 3288, Rammer 4099 and Rammer 5011 come backed with the added reassurance that you can only get from Rammer’s Lifetime Warranty.

Rammer’s Lifetime Warranty allows for a product’s warranty to continue beyond the standard one year period of the standard factory warranty. Registration for the Rammer Lifetime Warranty is automatic along with the standard warranty registration, and the terms and conditions are designed for maximum simplicity, requiring only that the Rammer hammer is used in accordance with recommended operator instruction guidelines, utilizes only genuine Rammer parts, and that it has been serviced as per the specified Lifetime Warranty service program by a authorised Rammer dealer at the prescribed 1,000 hour/one year intervals. Total Rockbreaking Solutions is an authorized Rammer dealer in WA.

Rammer’s Lifetime Warranty is no numbers game, of 1+2 or 3 years warranty, Rammer’s Lifetime Warranty is designed to last for the lifetime of the product, which for a professional user is a maximum of 10 years. The 1,000 hour/one year service intervals have designed to meet the service demands of a product working under normal conditions.

For the full terms and conditions of Rammer’s Lifetime Warranty, please see the Lifetime warranty and Service booklet accompanying covered products. For more information please contact us on 1300 921 498.

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