For all your rockbreaking and attachment needs

Whether your application is Rockbreaking, Demolition, Compaction, Road Maintenance, Crushing, Trenching, Tunnel excavation, Quarrying, Profiling, Concrete, Rock & Stone Cutting or Construction of underground utilities Total Rockbreaking Solutions (TRS) have a solution. You can choose from a variety of quality and reliable equipment and enjoy industry leading service and support representing real value for money. More information in our corporate brochure

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Rammer trans PV trans SIMEX trans Bretec trans TEFRA trans Daehan trans GTS trans 

 TRS is the authorised dealer in WA for the following products.

Rammer Hydraulic Rock Breakers 

The world's best-known and most respected brand of hydraulic hammers offers a comprehensive range of powerful, productive and reliable rock breakers that are suitable for carriers in the 0.6 to 100 tonnes operating weigh class and tough conditions. 

  Rammer Rockbreaker icon 

 Rammer Demolition Tools 

A complete range of Demolition Tools. Multiprocessors, Cutter-Crushers, Scrap Shears, Rotating and Static Pulverizers and Grapples have been designed do perform a broad array of duties. 

   Rammer Demolition tool icon

Rammer Rockbreaker Boom Systems 

Rammer Booms enable the optimal positioning of a breaker within crushers feed, allowing blockages and bridging of rock to be broken and cleared quickly and efficiently. Available in wide range of sizes and designs.

  Rammer Boom icon

PneuVibe Compactor Plates

Australia’s best known and most reliable excavator mounted compactor plates are efficient and safe solution for a wide range of applications, from working in narrow trenches to large backfill operations.

  PneuVibe icon

SIMEX range of innovative attachments 

for road maintenance, pothole repair, trenching, construction of underground utilities, tunnel excavation, quarrying or rock wall and concrete profiling. Simex attachments help you work faster and safer.

  Simex product icon

GTS Diamond Saw

This ultimate cutting machine offers more benefits and features than any other hydraulic saw. Suit 1.5 to 40 tonne excavators with cutting depths from 410mm to 950mm.

  GTS icon

Tefra Quick Hitches

A fully automatic dual positive lock hydraulic TEFRA Quick Hitch is fully compliant with the expected requirements of the forthcoming ISO 13031 Global Standards offering safe operation of your attachment. Being a multi-centre dual-locking hitch, Tefra will suit all applications.

   Tefra icon

Bretec Rockbreakers

The Bretec Silenced range of hydraulic breakers provide you with simple and cost-effective breaking technology for all your construction applications. The silenced housing offers increased noise prevention, making these breakers ideal for urban applications.

   Bretec icon

Daehan Bucket Grabs

A new paradigm in grabs for your excavator, the Daehan bucket grab is one assembly and also available in rotating or non-rotating. Daehan Bucket grabs are perfect for those rock wall jobs or general purpose duties.

   Daehan icon

Choose the correct size attachment for optimal and safe operation

To ensure optimal and safe operation it is important the attachment is within the lifting capacity of your carrier. Attachment Selection Tool above will help you quickly find the correct size attachment and maximise the life your investment. With hundreds of carrier models from the major manufacturers, the Attachment Selection Tool will help you identify a range of suitable attachments for your carrier with just two clicks.  

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